My Home

A great deal of work has been put into this house since I bought it. Upstairs, I completely redid the large bathroom (including a new bathtub, tile floor and shower, toilet, counter top and sink), a big facelift in the master bathroom, new gas logs, replacing five interior doors, painting all the rooms, put up new closet doors (the house didn't have any) and new attic door/stairs, new ceiling in the hallway and scraped the textured ceiling off in five rooms. I originally said the work upstairs was minor but I passed the minor stage a long time ago. As far as the outside appearance goes I replaced three exterior doors and storm doors, got new gutters and replaced the windows with some that can actually keep the cold and hot out when I want them to. Use the link below to see the work on the two upper levels.

Upper Level Rennovations

The basement has been completely remodeled. New wiring, sheetrock, ceilings, floors, stairs, doors and heating ducts. The basement was finished (although not finished well) and we had to take out everything down to the studs before the work could start. The next photo is of me to show how big a 30 cubic yard dumpster is. We used it to haul off the stuff we ripped out. The second photo is of my brother in the dumpster to show how full it was when we finished the first load. According to the bill, the contents weighed 3.9 tons for the first load and 2.3 tons for the second.

In addition to the dumpsters, we made countless trips to the landfill. You must be thinking, "What did Sean do to come up with that much trash?" Have a look at the pictures below and see for yourself. They are in groups of three that show how the house looked when I bought it followed by a picture of how it looks after being gutted and finally the finished product.