Autographed Photos

Kelly Stables

Publicity photo.

Alicia Silverstone

Clueless photo.

Amanda Pays

Publicity photo from The Flash.

Ariana Richards

Publicity photo.

Robin Williams

Dead Poets Society photo.

General Chuck Yeager

Publicity photo.

Cindy Crawford

Swimsuit photo.

Kelly Preston

Publicity photo.

Kristy Swanson

Publicity photo from
Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Traci Lind

Publicity photo.

Traci Lind

Fright Night II photo.

Jodi Benson

Little Mermaid photo.

Mark Hamill

Flash publicity photo as The Trickster.

Elle MacPherson
and Rachel Hunter

Swimsuit photo.

Gene Autry

Western publicity photo.
One of the "Singing Cowboys".
Recorded "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer"

Billy Barty

Publicity photo.

Sir Alec Guinness

The Bridge on the River Kwai publicity photo.

Charlton Heston

Publicity photo.

Tom Selleck

Quigley Down Under photo.

Lee Meriwether

Catwoman publicity photo.
Former Miss America.

Dina Meyer

Starship Troopers photo.

Clayton Moore

The Lone Ranger publicity photo.

Meg Ryan

Publicity photo.

Leslie Nielsen

Police Squad publicity photo.

Ed Williams

As Ted Olsen, Scientist from the Police Squad Lab. "Let's see what the boys in the lab can make of this".

Apollo Astronauts

Alan Bean, Apollo 12.
Fred Haise, Apollo 13.
Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14.

These three men were the lunar module pilots of their respective missions.

Don Herbert

Mr. Wizard

Gabrielle Anwar

Publicity photo.

The Flintstones

This photo of The Flintstones is signed by the creators Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera.